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Reverse Logistics - The Price of Online Returns
Growth in e-commerce retail sales has been a result of its convenience for consumers, product selection, and prices. Unlike in brick-and-mortar stores however, consumers cannot evaluate products before they purchase them in person. This leads to a large number of returns for items that were purchased online but did not meet consumers’ expectations for a […]
What’s in Store for Last Mile Delivery in 2022 | Red Arrow Logistics
As more consumers turn to e-commerce for their needs, quick fulfillment and distribution has become an expectation for every online purchase. Businesses are rising to the challenge by developing new technologies to expedite deliveries however the last mile continues to present a challenge for most companies.  Why Last-Mile Delivery is a Challenge The goal of […]
Retailing Across Borders | Red Arrow Logistics
Since the start of the pandemic, globalization has been forced to change, although it is still accelerating.  The international exchange of goods and services, technological innovation, and the increasing number of online shoppers are helping to create a new form of globalization, one that has been critical for many businesses to adopt in order to […]
Supply Chain Optimization Through Strategy | Red Arrow Logistics
Companies often review their supply chain only when there is an issue such as financial challenges. For example, when transportation costs are rising or there are delays in shipping, the supply chain then becomes the focal point of figuring out where the inefficiencies are. However, it is beneficial if a supply chain always operates optimally. […]
Holiday Reverse Logistics Tips for Peak Season | Red Arrow Logistics
The holidays are upon us and while retailers have the opportunity to reach the peak of their sales, there are also many challenges that come with this time of year, including customer returns. In fact, over one-third of holiday shoppers return gifts, costing retailers billions of dollars. Businesses should begin to prepare now for the […]
10 Ways to Streamline Your Supply Chain | Red Arrow Logistics
A supply chain that operates optimally is imperative to surviving today’s logistics environment. A supply chain that runs efficiently means that raw materials and final products flow smoothly from the manufacturer to the customer. Companies that focus on their supply chain management find they are able to maximize the customer experience and have a competitive […]
For retailers, the holiday season is just as much about the initial purchase as it is about the returns. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), $428 billion in merchandise was returned in 2020, which was about 10.6% of the total U.S. retail sales. E-commerce sales have a rate of return that is around 30% […]
How to Determine the Optimal Inventory Levels for Your Company | Red Arrow Logistics
The global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed some weak links among many companies’ supply chains over the 18 months. As we emerge from the pandemic, it is a good idea for businesses to re-evaluate their inventory levels. While the last year has presented inventory challenges for many companies, levels should return to more realistic levels. Keeping […]
A Reverse Logistics Strategy and How it Can Improve Your Supply Chain | Red Arrow Logistics
As the e-commerce market segment grows, so does the need for a reverse logistics plan. The tracking of aftermarket activities, or reverse logistics, can provide insight into your logistics management overall.  Reverse logistics helps anticipate and manage aftermarket issues and is effective in improving supply chain management and overall business performance.   What is Reverse Logistics? […]
Container Shortage Impacts Shipping and U.S Exporters | Red Arrow Logistics
With the holiday season upon us, and more consumers than ever doing their shopping online, retailers who are trying to stock up have added to the capacity squeeze in November. During the last several months, the demand for imports has skyrocketed, freight rates for container liners have continued to rise, and capacity has continued to […]