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How Drayage Affects Supply Chains | Red Arrow Logistics
Freight shipping is quite complex. In order to get a shipment from origin to destination quickly, there are often several phases involved in the process. Drayage is a mode of transportation in freight shipping that provides the link in multimodal transportation. It is an essential step in the supply chain because it is the only […]
How to Navigate the Challenges of the Holiday Peak Shipping Season | Red Arrow Logistics
We all know that the holiday peak shipping season can bring challenges. Supply chain disruptions of the last few years have made it difficult to predict exactly how this holiday season will go. Figuring out what needs to be prioritized during this busy season is part of a good logistics strategy. Retailers must review their […]
Peak shipping season is here, and this year’s supply chain conditions will most likely make for another challenging season. It looks to be another year of strong e-commerce demand, yet some uncertainty of exactly how much due to inflationary pressure. Retailers and manufacturers may have a difficult time predicting exactly how much is needed, with […]
Record backlogs of containers at ports around the world are creating a scenario that is ideal for cargo theft. Whether on a truck, at a port, airport, or warehouse, shipments are particularly vulnerable to theft. Because supply chains are so complex, it is especially important to have security measures, procedures, and protocols in place to […]
Reverse logistics is one of the most complex parts of a supply chain. The drastic increase in e-commerce purchases over the last few years coupled with more demanding customer expectations has made returned goods a regular occurrence for retailers to handle. It is estimated that UPS alone will have handled 60 million returns by the […]
Supply Chain Optimization Through Strategy | Red Arrow Logistics
Companies often review their supply chain only when there is an issue such as financial challenges. For example, when transportation costs are rising or there are delays in shipping, the supply chain then becomes the focal point of figuring out where the inefficiencies are. However, it is beneficial if a supply chain always operates optimally. […]
10 Ways to Streamline Your Supply Chain | Red Arrow Logistics
A supply chain that operates optimally is imperative to surviving today’s logistics environment. A supply chain that runs efficiently means that raw materials and final products flow smoothly from the manufacturer to the customer. Companies that focus on their supply chain management find they are able to maximize the customer experience and have a competitive […]
Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is most often the most cost-effective option for moving smaller loads. As a rule of thumb, if you are shipping fewer than 10 pallets at a time, less than truckload will be the most cost-efficient method of transportation. However, there are several characteristics of LTL shipments that make them complex. In today’s […]
Improving Less Than Truckload Efficiencies | Red Arrow Logistics
Less than truckload (LTL) is a cost-efficient way to ship smaller parcels that do not require a full truck. However, it can be a challenge for shippers to manage–shipment delays and disruptions are often prevalent. There are a few strategies that can be implemented to improve the efficiency of LTL, which will not only increase […]
Hurricane season is in full swing, and it is expected that this year will bring above-normal storm activity. In order to prevent disruptions to your supply chain, it is recommended to have a plan in place. With supply chains being leaner than in previous years, they are particularly vulnerable to unpredictable disasters like a hurricane. […]