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How to Best Respond to Supply Chain Disruptions | Red Arrow Logistics
There is not one industry in the United States that has not been affected by supply chain disruptions over the last two years. Global events, the pandemic, and inflation have caused upheaval in supply chains around the world. Fewer workers, overwhelmed warehouses, and a demanding e-commerce market have created a situation that has presented challenges […]
Skyrocketing Diesel Fuel Prices Will Affect Freight Trucking | Red Arrow Logistics
Filling up at the pump has been painful lately—especially for truck drivers. Diesel fuel prices are at an all-time high, which is affecting an already fragile supply chain, and driving the rate of inflation up. Truck drivers are already concerned about the growing costs that could put smaller owner-operators out of business.  Diesel Fuel Prices […]
Are U.S. Dockworkers Headed for a Strike This Summer | Red Arrow Logistics
As if the logistics and transportation industry has not faced enough challenges this year so far, dockworkers in the U.S. might be heading for a strike this summer. Dockworkers particularly at West Coast ports cite issues with their working conditions and standard of living as reasons for the strike. As their current contract is due […]
Shanghai Shutdowns Cause Major Issues for Companies | Red Arrow Logistics
Shanghai authorities are facing major challenges in keeping supply chains going with numerous ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns. For over a month, China’s most populous city has been imposing strict lockdowns in which residents are unable to leave their homes. China’s effort to keep the latest round of the virus under control has led to rigid quarantine […]
As e-commerce continues to skyrocket, the logistics industry has faced unique challenges that have forced businesses to rethink what services they handle in-house. Many companies, particularly small- and medium-sized ones, have chosen to work with a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics company). Companies that want to optimize their supply chain choose to partner with a logistics provider […]
The airfreight market shows no signs of slowing down, with many industry leaders indicating a growth trajectory. Delays on the ocean shipping lines have sent many retailers to air freight. In 2021, airfreight had a strong recovery after the aftermath of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Air freight demand dipped in January of this […]
Dear Valued Customer,   The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have implemented a new Clean Truck Fund (CTF) Rate that they will begin collecting on April 1, 2022 of $10 per twenty-foot equivalent unit ($20 for containers longer than 20 feet). This CTF rate will be assessed on loaded import and export cargo […]
Under the lockdown that started on 14 March, public services and daily supplies are operating, however, city transportation has been suspended. The regional container hub, Yantian International Container Terminal announced that it maintained normal operation since the escalation of local Covid-19 prevention and controls and is making great efforts to keep the supply chain running smoothly […]
The Impact on the Conflict Between Ukraine and Russia on Logistics
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already disrupted supply chains that are still recovering from the COVID-10 pandemic. The worsening situation between Ukraine and Russia will have a significant impact on international shipping and logistics, particularly with delayed deliveries, higher costs, and transportation challenges.     Energy Prices Are on the Rise Revenues from energy are […]
The year 2021 was all about supply chain shortages, especially during this past holiday season.  Visit any retailer or grocery store and chances are, they were out of something. Computer chips, electric vehicle batteries, and restaurant food supplies are just some of the items that consumers were concerned about.  For most of the year, shelves […]