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Inbound Air Freight Remains Tight | Red Arrow Logistics
It’s no surprise that air freight capacity is tight at this time of year, yet now more than ever air freight is needed to keep supply chains moving along. With rising demand and fewer passenger flights as compared to pre-COVID days, there is simply less available air freight capacity. In addition, airports that are using […]
Holiday Reverse Logistics Tips for Peak Season | Red Arrow Logistics
The holidays are upon us and while retailers have the opportunity to reach the peak of their sales, there are also many challenges that come with this time of year, including customer returns. In fact, over one-third of holiday shoppers return gifts, costing retailers billions of dollars. Businesses should begin to prepare now for the […]
The Supply Chain Crisis is Impacting Major Economies | Red Arrow Logistics
The aftershocks of the pandemic are starting to be felt as the demand for goods, energy, labor, and transportation has increased globally. Supply chains simply cannot keep up with the relenting demand. As a result, major countries worldwide are feeling the strain on their supply chains.  United States There are several logistics industry issues that […]
For retailers, the holiday season is just as much about the initial purchase as it is about the returns. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), $428 billion in merchandise was returned in 2020, which was about 10.6% of the total U.S. retail sales. E-commerce sales have a rate of return that is around 30% […]
Improving the Security of Your Supply Chain Through Video Surveillance | Red Arrow Logistics
Is your supply chain secure? A supply chain security issue occurs on the weaker parts of an organization’s supply chain. Not surprisingly, supply chains are especially vulnerable because of the many links, people, and locations along the transportation process. Security incidents can be detrimental to your business with immediate costs but can also cause future […]
How to Improve Your Supply Contract | Red Arrow Logistics
Recent events have disrupted business activities and supply chains around the world. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ever Given getting stuck in the Suez Canal are examples of events that have caused unexpected delays in business operations as well as a backlog in ports. Businesses are not able to keep a consistent […]
Is Your Supply Chain Positioned for Retail Compliance Success? | Red Arrow Logistics
Compliance has become one of the most challenging aspects of international retail. The more global and complex your supply chain, the more difficult it is to comply with all of the different regulations. This is particularly true for businesses that have specialty products like food or electronics. With new laws being implemented regarding global supply […]
Optimizing Your Cold Chain Logistics | Red Arrow Logistics
Maintaining a temperature-controlled atmosphere during shipping can present a challenge, especially in hot summer months. As shipments go through a variety of temperatures and humidity levels on route to their final destinations, some products like pharmaceuticals and fresh food must be kept refrigerated to maintain their efficacy.  Not regulating the correct temperature for these types […]
Wildfires Disrupt the U.S. and Canadian Supply Chains - Red Arrow Logistics
Recent wildfires that have broken out across British Columbia, Canada, and on the West Coast of the United States have caused serious delays to rail freight transportation. Western Canada and the U.S West Coast’s severe heat waves resulted in several large wildfires that have now created a bottleneck in exports and imports. Shipments sent via […]
Cybersecurity Risks in the Supply Chain | Red Arrow Logistics
Cybersecurity Risks in the Supply Chain are Increasing:  Are you Ready? As organizations are becoming increasingly interconnected with their partners and vendors, cybersecurity risks are fast becoming a serious threat. With an estimated 80% of all cyber breaches occurring in the supply chain, businesses need to identify potential risks and the likelihood that they will […]