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Aerospace Supply Chain Risk in the U.S. is on the Rise | Red Arrow Logistics
A global supply chain enables businesses to get items easier and at a lower cost, however, it does create some risk for a company. Global supply chains are vulnerable to events such as natural disasters, political unrest, and war. These types of events lead to uncertainty in markets and can have consequences on supply chains. […]
How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Upcoming Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is the biggest holiday in China. This year, the holiday runs from January 21, 2023, until February 5, 2023. Before and during the holiday, manufacturing and export operations across most of the country will come to a halt as factories shut down. It is important, then, […]
8 Important Supply Chain Trends for 2023 | Red Arrow Logistics
As the year comes to a close, many in the logistics industry are looking forward to a less tumultuous new year. The challenges faced by supply chain managers and logistics managers are a result of a rapidly changing industry with many technological advancements. Staying on top of the following supply chain trends will help you […]
Whether you are currently employed in logistics or interested in making a career change, there are plenty of opportunities within the industry. The logistics industry has traditionally been a male-dominated industry and it can be challenging to fit into a field where many of the leadership positions are held by men. While that has been […]
Would Your Supply Chain Benefit from Elastic Logistics
The logistics industry is facing challenges in predicting supply and demand. Elastic logistics addresses this challenge by allowing businesses to scale supply chains according to market fluctuations. Since elastic logistics expands and contracts capabilities as needed, it can improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain. What is Elastic Logistics? Elastic logistics is the ability […]
4 Ways to Develop Effective Supply Chain Procurement | Red Arrow Logistics
Over the last few years, many businesses have experienced challenges in supply chain procurement, which means it is now more important than ever to evaluate your supply chain procurement processes. A procurement strategy not only manages spending but also ensures operational effectiveness. An effective procurement strategy means that production, workflow, and budget are aligned with […]
Shortage of Airplane Parts Causes More Supply Chain Disruptions | Red Arrow Logistics
The last two years have been all about shortages—from basic goods like toilet paper and cream cheese to chips for cars and now airplane parts. Airlines are having difficulties finding engines and other parts to fix planes that require maintenance. This is leading to more flight delays and cancellations, making it challenging for carriers to […]
Your 3PL Can Help with Fulfillment Labor Shortages | Red Arrow Logistics
Another holiday season is upon us and once again it looks like there will be a shortage of seasonal employees to help with the holiday rush. If this year so far has given any indication, there will be “Help Wanted” signs up all over. This of course includes retail and fulfillment. With the approaching 2022 […]
Does Your Supply Chain Utilize Micro-Fulfillment Centers?
This year has presented many challenges for retailers.  Supply chain disruptions have caused delays across the board and many retailers are facing a situation of having too much inventory on hand. At the same time, the demands of e-commerce continue to expand which has changed consumer buying habits and delivery expectations. Micro-fulfillment is quickly becoming […]
10 Ways to Make LTL Shipments Easier | Red Arrow Logistics
As we head into peak season, capacity restraints, changing rates, and shipping delays can make shipping operations challenging. Less-than-truckload shipping (LTL) is usually the most cost-effective way to send shipments that will not take up an entire trailer, but it is important to understand the key points in making this mode of transportation easier. LTL […]