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The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have implemented a new Clean Truck Fund (CTF) Rate that they will begin collecting on April 1, 2022 of $10 per twenty-foot equivalent unit ($20 for containers longer than 20 feet). This CTF rate will be assessed on loaded import and export cargo containers hauled by drayage trucks as they enter or leave container terminals for domestic and international cargo.

The Clean Truck Fund (CTF) rate was created to help fund and incentivize the changeover to cleaner trucks. The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have set an industry-leading goal to achieve zero-emissions drayage trucking by 2035.

For more information from the Port of Long Beach on the collection of their Clean Truck Fund Rate, we have enclosed the link to their website as well as a CTF FAQ.

As stated in the CTF FAQ material:
  • – Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) or their authorized agent is responsible for paying the CTF rate. Each port’s tariff includes a provision prohibiting the CTF rate being paid by truck drivers.
  • – A third-party entity, PortCheck, was selected by both ports to provide the mechanism for the CTF rate collection. BCOs or their agents will be responsible for logging into the PortCheck system to clear the containers prior to pick up or drop-off by the drayage truck. The CTF rate web portal will be connected to the existing PierPass system. The link to Port Check.

Please ensure that you register with Port Check prior to the April 1 implementation date to prevent any potential cargo delays.

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