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Customs Compliance

United States Customs Made Simple

Red Arrow Logistics offers knowledgeable customs brokerage services that successfully guide your shipments through the complex United States customs clearance process. Red Arrow can assist you with anything from country of origin rules, to Harmonized Tariff classifications, to completing the proper customs documentation to avoid delays upon arrival.

When exporting goods from the U.S., Red Arrow is your experienced customs compliance partner that understands the perplex process that takes place for all exports. We guide your shipments through the process, and keep your export business running smoothly and efficiently.

Red Arrow Logistics is your partner for cross border transactions and expedited border crossings. From classification to clearance and post-entry services, our proven processes ensure that procedures are followed and regulations and requirements are met the first time around.

Customs Compliance Logistics Service | Red Arrow Logistics

Customs and Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Red Arrow is a leading provider of freight forwarding services, including air, ocean, ground, and rail options. We offer the scale and scope of services to meet the budget and schedule requirements of each customer.

Our customs and regulatory compliance solutions provide you with the industry’s widest array of customs and regulatory solutions. Our modular approach also enables businesses to select specific features and functions based on compliance requirements, available in-house resources, technology infrastructure, budgets and relationships with trading partners. Combined with the Red Arrows Global Network, these solutions help you:

  • Gather data from multiple parties and integrate it for filings;
  • Move goods across borders without disruption;
  • Reduce the risks of penalties or fines;
  • Meet a wide range of safety, security and commercial compliance mandates; and
  • Store data for all filings and compliance agency responses to enable complete audit and reporting capabilities

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Why Choose Red Arrow

We Provide Time-Definite and Cost-Effective Solutions.

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

We continually focus on value, cost mitigation, and optimization in the supply chain to offer competitive pricing.

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is available through our technology portal, which includes geo-fencing and alert monitoring.


We offer insurance coverage to provide protection of your high-valued cargo until it arrives at its destination.

Security For Cargo
Security For Cargo

Our shipments meet high-security requirements and are certified to the highest local standards.

Accurate Invoicing
Accurate Invoicing

Our convenient payment options and accurate invoicing making partnering with us easy.

White-Glove Support
White-Glove Support

Our customer support team is ready to deliver success for your company with concierge-level service.

Adapt to Change
Adapt to Change

Our risk management strategy supports multiple modes and carriers to quickly adapt to change as needed.

Value Delivered

Transform your supply chain
into a value chain!

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