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Domestic Ground Transportation

Domestic Ground Transportation

Stadler Rail USA has been building trains for 80 years with reliability, precision, and first-class service. Every step of the way, their goal is to do their best to make sure that wherever they are in the world, passengers get to their destination safely, quickly, and in comfort.

Stadler Rail utilizes Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, which is a workflow process that reduces flow times within production systems, as well as the response times from suppliers to the end customer. JIT helps organizations manage variability in their processes while increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Red Arrow Logistics Solution

In a current project with Stadler Rail USA, Red Arrow Logistics has provided truckload and LTL transportation solutions. Red Arrow has worked with Stadler to coordinate domestic ground transportation to and from suppliers and vendors to support just-in-time manufacturing goals.

Our team designed a supplier eco-system utilizing our technology platform for comprehensive visibility to freight on order and in transit along with PO visibility. As a light rail vehicle manufacturer, knowing where a product is critical to keep an assembly line running at optimal efficiency. Red Arrow takes orders from all participating vendors throughout North America and manages the freight program on behalf of Stadler Rail USA.

Buy America Act

By supporting the “Buy America Act”, the logistics provider has been able to create an ecosystem with U.S.-based vendors and suppliers to be the exclusive transportation provider. This act increased the domestic content requirements as well as the price preference for domestic products. Working with these selected vendors helps to minimize touch points in the communication chain to optimize response and pickup time, speeding up days in transit.

Highlights from the project include the following:

  • 60+ Domestic Inbound Vendors
  • 20+ Domestic Outbound Vendors
  • 500+ Annual Shipments past 5 years
  • One-stop shop for all shipments throughout their domestic supply chain.
  • Supports JIT manufacturing, which lowers costs and increases productivity
  • Program supports the “Buy American Act” across the United States
  • Able to support an ecosystem surrounding an industry inclusive of OEM, Tier I, and Tier II suppliers.
  • Increased user visibility to inbound/outbound shipments via our TMS Tracking Porta and easier invoicing

Red Arrow Logistics has been able to support JIT manufacturing to be able to optimize transit times, improve visibility and reduce logistics costs.

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