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COVID PPE Transportation

COVID PPE Transportation

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) has become increasingly important. With delays and disruptions in the global supply chain, getting goods, including PPE, has become challenging.

Red Arrow Logistics Solution

Red Arrow Logistics was able to support FLTR’s logistics by providing air freight, ocean freight, truckload, and LTL service for this project. This ongoing project accounted for $8,000,000, where Red Arrow has provided urgent imports for both air and ocean modes of transportation to get essential PPE items to the United States. Our team has also provided domestic ground transportation to large, big-box retail distribution centers using truckload and LTL transportation services.

Key Project Highlights

A new product release was imported directly into regions, bypassing the warehouse, which increased the time to delivery saving the client money. Significant savings were achieved by flying directly into large airport hubs such as LAX, ORD, and JFK and by transporting the goods to local Costco Distribution Centers, cutting out unnecessary steps in the transportation process. In cases where PPE was needed immediately, our team utilized our diverse logistics network of co-loader agents in China to be able to get the necessary air capacity to deliver goods into the hands of FLTR customers.

This ongoing project for FTLR, Inc. continues to be successful, because of the following:

  • Domestic Trucking. Red Arrow is successful in securing the domestic trucking capacity needed as well as meeting Costco’s demand schedule and appointment criteria. Documents such as invoices and PODs are secured within 24 hours of delivery which helps with the customer’s cash flow.
  • Appointments. All major U.S. retailers have strict appointment-securing portals and the operations team can secure the appointments which ensure the carrier network used upholds delivery appointment commitments.
  • International. The logistics provider was able to secure 84 pallets worth of air capacity 3 to 4 times per week during the peak of COVID to get the PPE into the U.S. and into customers’ hands that needed it most. On an ongoing basis, being able to fly directly into major market hubs saves time and money by getting the products to market faster. The average time is 4 to 7 days from factory to delivery to the distribution center.

The solutions that Red Arrow Logistics was able to create and enact helped the customer get essential PPE delivered on time, every time.

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