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Retail Product Rollout

Retail Product Rollout Logistics

Retail product companies are working hard to reduce costs and eliminate inefficiencies in their supply chain while increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Everyday consumer products industry executives face decisions about how to manage their inventories. The best-performing companies are able to forecast their demand so well that they are able to have their suppliers produce inventory that appeals to a majority of their customers.

We reduce your distribution costs and generate efficiencies as you deliver to your retailers

Today’s companies and consumers are interested in environmentally sound manufacturing, supply chain security and distribution practices. Promotion of fast-moving cycle times is an important tool for your company’s advertising and sales strategy. Successful brands are typically supported by highly efficient distribution networks. Companies that are successful in the fast-moving consumer goods logistics segment have supply chain visibility, excellent speed to market and high levels of on-time delivery to customers.

Red Arrow Logistics is able to further meet your product life cycle needs by providing a comprehensive suite of reverse consumer goods logistics services including asset recovery services, recycle and destruction, as well as replacement parts services.

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We become part of your Retail Products team

We support leading OEMs in the electronics industry that are moving “hot” consumer brands to market. Our technology customers count on us to meet their fast order and replenishment cycles. This approach lends itself to an awesome retail experience.

From design through implementation, your Red Arrow team is laser-focused on adding value. Whatever the size or scope, we make your job easier in the launch of a powerful retail program. We do this on schedule and within budget.

Retail Product Services:

  • New Product Rollout
  • Hardware
  • White Glove

Why Choose Red Arrow

We Provide Time-Definite and Cost-Effective Solutions.

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

We continually focus on value, cost mitigation, and optimization in the supply chain to offer competitive pricing.

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is available through our technology portal, which includes geo-fencing and alert monitoring.


We offer insurance coverage to provide protection of your high-valued cargo until it arrives at its destination.

Security For Cargo
Security For Cargo

Our shipments meet high-security requirements and are certified to the highest local standards.

Accurate Invoicing
Accurate Invoicing

Our convenient payment options and accurate invoicing making partnering with us easy.

White-Glove Support
White-Glove Support

Our customer support team is ready to deliver success for your company with concierge-level service.

Adapt to Change
Adapt to Change

Our risk management strategy supports multiple modes and carriers to quickly adapt to change as needed.

Value Delivered

Transform your supply chain
into a value chain!


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