The Benefits of Fleet Tracking | Red Arrow Logistics
The Benefits of Fleet Tracking | Red Arrow Logistics

Businesses worldwide are realizing that technology adoption maximizes productivity and revenue. The trucking industry is also increasing its use of digital technology to maintain daily operations. Fleet management is gaining momentum as a way to manage the complicated day-to-day coordination of trucks.

What is Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking is a smart system that uses GPS technology to monitor the movements of trucks and other vehicles on a computerized map. It enables carriers to offer real-time tracking of every vehicle. Utilizing a fleet tracking system can improve supply chain visibility while leading to cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

The process of adopting this type of technology is not difficult. Fleet tracking technology hardware is installed on individual vehicles such as truck cabs, railcars, or ocean liners. The devices use IoT (Internet of Things) to report the positions of the vehicles based on GPS coordinates. The GPS hardware is integrated with reporting software so the vehicles can be tracked.

Benefits of a Fleet Tracking System

Tracking technology enables logistics managers to know where items are at any point along the supply chain. The following are six benefits of utilizing a fleet tracking system:

Optimize Route Planning. A combination of historical and current route data about fleets can help to manage the driver’s trip and time as efficiently as possible. Fleet management systems combine GPS and real-time mapping data to provide the best route possible. GPS tracking systems can provide a trip history for each vehicle which helps for future route planning. Manufacturers and logistics providers will know when goods are expected to arrive, which optimizes the planning and production process. Fleet tracking provides a combination of real-time positioning and reporting applications for high-quality data.

Decrease Theft. Fleet companies collectively lose billions of dollars every year in vehicle and cargo theft. Knowing where goods are at all times can help prevent them from being stolen. The system automatically sends an alert when any of the fleets go out of the projected path. Security is improved because goods can be traced, reducing the risk of theft or financial loss.

Get Superior Data. The best decisions in logistics and transportation are backed by reliable data. Fleet tracking provides a combination of real-time positioning and reporting applications for high-quality data that can be used currently and in the future to make the best decisions possible. Data can be used to identify inefficiencies in the supply chain so they can be resolved quickly.

Reduce Cost. Unmonitored trucking fleets can waste valuable resources. Vehicle tracking technology helps to control fuel consumption and cost by alerting fleet managers to inefficient routing and excess idling. Being able to use shorter and faster routes cuts down on fuel consumption. The investment in a fleet tracking system allows for the best management of the fleet to save money.


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Better On-Time Delivery. Anyone in the transportation industry understands that time is money. There can be a variety of reasons why a fleet gets stuck in traffic for hours or needs to detour. This costs money not only in fuel but can also affect an on-time delivery. A GPS tracking system will help you make informed decisions that save time on the road to ensure deliveries are getting where they need to be—when they need to be there.

Provide Better Customer Service. No matter what the industry, end users want better visibility of their order. One of the biggest benefits of fleet tracking is the high levels of customer service that result. The monitoring of arrival estimates for each truck can reduce the number of incoming calls from customers asking for delivery status. The integration of fleet management systems with cell phones allows the drivers to respond to requests at any time.

Real-time tracking options allow managers to make timely pickups, schedule deliveries and intercept difficulties that drivers are experiencing. Fleet operations can be automated and streamlined so that communication is improved among managers, drivers, and customers. Plus, fleet tracking systems enhance the available data that managers can use to improve productivity.

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