Improving the Security of Your Supply Chain Through Video Surveillance
Improving the Security of Your Supply Chain Through Video Surveillance | Red Arrow Logistics

Is your supply chain secure? A supply chain security issue occurs on the weaker parts of an organization’s supply chain. Not surprisingly, supply chains are especially vulnerable because of the many links, people, and locations along the transportation process. Security incidents can be detrimental to your business with immediate costs but can also cause future financial and brand reputation issues. However, security threats can be mitigated by understanding how to detect them through video surveillance and protect against them. 

What are Supply Chain Security Threats?

Supply chain security threats can occur in any industry that has contracts with third-party vendors. Because weak links in the supply chain are an easy target for criminals and cybercriminals, businesses need to be aware of the security implemented in each step of their supply chain. While almost every supply chain business has a form of security whether it be video cameras or security or intruder alarms, most of them can be improved through assessing the current system and making sure it provides an adequate level of security necessary for the business.

Why is Supply Chain Security Important?

Supply chains are expected to get customers what they need at the right place and time. Disruptions to the supply chain due to a breach or a risk to the integrity of the product can have lasting effects on a business—operational, financial, and to their reputation. Malicious activities from insiders or attackers can occur at any point along the supply chain. A security incident, such as the theft of packages can have a significant impact on the delivery process and ultimately can cost a company a lot of money. Since the logistics sector is facing a digital transformation, connectivity and brand image are key for being competitive.  With that comes the reputation for having a secure supply chain.

Video Surveillance for Improving Supply Chain Security

Video surveillance systems are reactive, evidence-gathering tools require constant live monitoring of spot threats in real-time. Intelligent event-based monitoring uses video analytics to identify potential threats. One of the advantages of this technology is that it is easy to integrate so it will align with your current systems.  Automatic updates identify potential threats through suspicious activity. Video surveillance systems are also a cost-effective way to be able to monitor your supply chain.

Due Diligence Checks Mitigate Risks

Supply chains involve thousands of third parties but using diligence checks via video surveillance can be used to segment risk and mitigate red flag situations.  Risk assessment tools that use algorithms process risk profiles, which enables companies to determine which relationships will be the biggest threat. Companies then can prioritize due diligence efforts toward those that need it.


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Additional Benefits to Using Video Surveillance

Beyond providing security for the supply chain, the use of video surveillance has many advantages including:

– Optimization: The data and information from video surveillance systems can be used in other areas of the company to optimize processes.  It can also improve customer knowledge and increase business volume.

– Visibility: Video surveillance systems provide visibility to logistics operations. They can track plant operations with video, geolocation, and monitoring. With all of this integrated into the management system, it is easy to identify issues and rectify them.

– Fleet Supervision: Mobile assets like vehicles can be tracked in real-time. When the vehicle deviates from the planned route or exceeds the speed limit, automatic warnings will be received. The history of the route is also available for record purposes.

A customized dashboard that integrates with current management systems can help make better decisions based on the information gathered through video surveillance. Response times and efficiency can be improved by using the information. Video surveillance systems are a necessary tool for any company to be able to secure their supply chain and mitigate risks.  They also provide other ancillary benefits that can optimize your business.    

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