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SR 99 Tunnel Project


When the Washington State Department of Transportation wanted to replace the SR 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct with a tunnel underneath downtown Seattle, Red Arrow Logistics was selected to transport building materials to the on-site manufacturing facility in Seattle, WA for the SR 99 tunnel project.

SR 99 Project Case Study | Red Arrow LogisticsMajor elements of the SR 99 tunnel project project included:

  • A two-mile-long tunnel beneath downtown Seattle.
  • A mile-long stretch of new highway that connects to the south entrance of the tunnel, near Seattle’s stadiums.
  • A new overpass at the south end of downtown that allowed traffic to bypass train blockages near Seattle’s busiest port terminal.
  • Demolition of the viaduct’s downtown waterfront section.
  • A new Alaskan way surface street along the waterfront that connects SR 99 to downtown.

Responsible for delivering the building materials for the SR 99 tunnel project, Red Arrow enlisted (15) 53’ flatbeds to move the building product from various facilities in Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, and Arkansas to the customer’s on site manufacturing facility in Seattle, WA. Red Arrow coordinated the schedule for each flatbed shipment going to the manufacturing facility in Seattle, WA. This detail-oriented management ensured each shipment arrived on time and on budget – not delaying the work on the SR 99 Tunnel Project.

Replacing the viaduct with a tunnel allows the highway to remain open during much of the construction, thus minimizing closures and impacts to traffic. Once the tunnel opens, the viaduct will be taken down to clear the way for new public space along Seattle’s downtown waterfront.

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