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When a large machinery and industrial contracting company needed the help for mining equipment transportation of several pieces of over-dimensional equipment, they called on the team at Red Arrow Logistics. Large scale equipment moves like this require specialized equipment and over dimensional tools to ensure a safe and successful move.

Underground Mining Transportation Case Study | Red Arrow LogisticsHeavy Equipment Logistics and Transport

Red Arrow was tasked with transporting two (2) Reach Stackers and seven (7) pieces of equipment to various locations across the United States.

The first portion of the project required the transportation of two (2) Reach Stackers from Hillsboro, OR to Manly, IA. Red Arrow procured two double drop RGNs to move each load and monitored the carrier’s route plan during transit. With each Reach Stacker 14’ wide and over 12’ tall weighing 104,000 lbs, each load required over-dimensional permits for the move. Red Arrow took on the task with great confidence and completed the move from the West Coast to Midwest smoothly.

Second Phase Transport

To complete the second portion of the mining equipment transportation project, Red Arrow secured eight (8) additional double drop RGNs to transport the following items:

  • (1) E-House, lower deck platform
  • (1) Pontoon Corner
  • (4) Pontoons Inside
  • (1) Gland Seal Water Pipe

The E-house, lower deck platform consisted of A&B Tripods, Hoist Assy, MH03 Landing and Pivot Apron Plate and measured 48’L x 10’ 11” W x 8’ 11” T and weighed 11,600 lbs. Each Pontoon measured roughly 40’ 5” L x 13’ 2” W x 12’ 10” T and weighed between 42,000 lbs and 59,000 lbs.
Lastly, the Gland Seal Water Pipe measured 48’ L x 8’ 11” W x 8’ 8” T and weighed 4,010 lbs.

Aquiring Over-Dimensional Permits

Each RGN required over-dimensional permits for the mining equipment transportation before they could move. Once the permit was obtained and the equipment was loaded and secured, each piece was transported from Augusta, GA to Ft. McMurray, AL and delivered on-site to a mine.

The Red Arrow team oversaw the route plan in place and monitored each over-dimensional load from the pick-up in Augusta, in-transit, and when it was delivered to Ft. McMurray, AL. Red Arrow’s thorough project management and attention to detail assigned to each load ensured each piece of equipment arrived safely, on time, and within budget.

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