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Heavy Haul Gearbox Transportation

Heavy Haul Gearbox Transportation for Renewable Energy Sector

Moventas is both a leader and technology expert in the renewable energy sector. Moventas regularly contracts Red Arrow Logistics to provide various types of equipment including RGNs, step decks, and flatbeds including this heavy haul gearbox transportation project. The equipment needed varies on the size of the gearbox that needs to be transported.

Heavy Haul Gearbox Transportation Case Study | Red Arrow LogisticsOversize Equipment Delivery and Transport

The heavy haul gearbox transportation project requirements were to transport one gearbox weighing 53,000 lbs with dimensions of 182” L x 103.5” W x 106” T from Portland, OR to Ladd, IL. Secure the gearbox with a crane and move it into position.

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Red Arrow Logistics enlisted one double drop RGN to securely hold the gearbox in place while it was transported from the West Coast to the Mid West. The duration of the transportation project was 6 days and the gear box was delivered on schedule to the project site in Illinois.

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