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HAZMAT Shipments for Customs and Border Protection

HAZMAT Shipments Take Additional Safety and Security Protocols

HAZMAT shipments cross country is potentially risky business, and with the public’s safety at stake there’s no margin for error. When a federal government defense and energy provider needed to bring radiation portal monitors in from the field for service, they relied on the experts at Red Arrow Logistics to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Mission Accomplished for Government Defense Provider

Hazmat Shipment for US Customs and Border Protection Case Study | Red Arrow LogisticsThe monitors, which scan semi-trucks for radioactive material, contain metal tubes filled with compressed helium, which could be dangerous if not handled properly. The monitors were positioned at 45 border crossings and ports in the U.S. and were due for maintenance. But long before the first unit was loaded for transport, Red Arrow meticulously mapped out every detail to ensure the move would be smooth, safe, and followed the U.S. Energy Department’s rigorous protocol for hazardous materials. Customs and Border Protection had the units stacked in a secure location within the port and it was up to Red Arrow to get the materials loaded, secured and ready for transport.

Regulations required truck drivers and forklift operators to be U.S. citizens with Transportation Worker Identification Credentials, and that they are vetted in advance for security clearance. All of the vetting and positioning of loading equipment and escorts were handled by the Red Arrow team.

White-Glove Project Management

Red Arrow Logistics coordinated dozens of schedules to ensure the forklifts were on site at each of the border crossing and ports, and ready to go as soon as the trucks arrived to load the equipment.

Safely managing a handful of port operations and the inventory of radiation portal monitors would have been considered a success, but Red Arrow managed the project across 16 US ports and border crossings, and all without a hitch. The monitors got their required maintenance right on schedule, ensuring they would operate at peak efficiency and performance in future deployments.

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With more than 25 years’ experience developing complex logistics solutions and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, Red Arrow Logistics stands ready to provide unmatched service to federal agencies.

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