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A military cargo shipment for the U.S. Armed Forces requires thorough planning and the precision of a military maneuver. When the Department of Defense needed two MH-60K helicopters relocated from Alabama to Texas to train the troops, they called on the experts at Red Arrow Logistics.

The Delivery Is In The Details

Military Defense Transport and Logistics Case Study | Red Arrow LogisticsThe two aircraft stood nine and a half feet high, 14 feet wide with horizontal stabilizers, and more than 41 feet long with the pylons folded. Their mission was to disassemble the helicopters, truck them to their final destination and reassemble them, ensuring the electrical, electronic and mechanical functions were fully restored. Red Arrow prepared the aircraft for transport including blade removal for the 800 mile trip.

In addition to coordinating the logistics and providing labor and transportation, Red Arrow pulled the permits required to transport oversized loads and secured the necessary clearances well before getting underway. They scheduled cranes, forklifts and other equipment required at both locations to successfully complete the job.

Custom Transport Stabilization

To stabilize the helicopters and maintain their structural integrity while in transit, Red Arrow designed a cradle to saddle the helicopters in place.
After safely arriving at the military training camp, the helicopters were anchored to custom-designed mounting jacks. Before the aircraft could be unloaded and positioned, the ground had to be leveled and concrete footings poured which served as a base to anchor the helicopters. Once secured in place, they reassembled both aircraft and followed through on every detail, including re-attaching the blades, re-sealing and weatherproofing joint seams, and retouching painted surfaces.

Today, troops in Texas can confidently undergo essential helicopter training, thanks to Red Arrow’s meticulous planning and seamless execution.

With extensive experience handling complex logistics and military cargo shipment for the military, Red Arrow is proud to serve as both a prime and sub-contractor for the defense community.

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