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Technology is changing the logistics industry dramatically. On-demand apps such as Uber and Instacart have invested heavily in location and mapping technologies that have been able to provide estimated order times and costs. This instant-delivery model has changed customers’ expectations of faster and better shipping, which has affected every type of consumer delivery. The only […]
International shipping is more complex than domestic shipping. Items that are shipped internationally must be accompanied by the proper documentation. One of the most important documents is a commercial invoice that has all of the necessary information for customs to be able to process a shipment. Without the commercial invoice, shipments can be delayed or […]
The cost of just about everything, including fulfillment, has risen in recent years. Labor is a major component of the overall cost of fulfillment. While technology can help make the process more cost-efficient, highly automated fulfillment centers do not work for the majority of B2C shippers who do not ship high enough volumes. However, there […]
Many businesses want to maximize their profits by limiting how much they spend. Outsourcing certain business functions, such as logistics operations, has many benefits including lowering costs. Outsourcing also allows your company to focus on its core aspects of the business while leaving logistics and transportation to the experts. Companies then can easily scale operations […]
The decision to ship less than truckload (LTL) or full truckload (TL) can be difficult if you are not aware of all the options. A lot of factors affect freight shipping, such as freight dimensions, freight classification, and special services. What is LTL Shipping? Freight that does not require an entire truck is known as […]
Several factors are creating a complex and uncertain logistics industry.  As a result, businesses are re-evaluating their supply chain management and are taking steps to increase the flexibility of their supply chain. Companies must be able to navigate the financial and operational challenges that come with disruptions while still addressing the needs of their customers. […]
How to Improve LTL Transit Times | Red Arrow Logistics
Less-than-truckload shipping is a transportation method that is cost beneficial for many small and medium businesses. While LTL shipping might be a better financial solution for some shippers, it does come with longer transit times as compared to TL (full truckload). This is because LTL carriers have to configure freight correctly, so it contributes to […]
Best Ways to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Freight Shipping | red Arrow Logistics
The reliance on fossil fuels to power trucks, trains, vessels, and aircraft in the transportation issue has a decided impact on emissions. The International Energy Agency estimates that transportation was responsible for 8.26 gigatons, or 26% of CO2 emissions worldwide in 2018. In the U.S., passenger and freight transportation contributed 28% of the total greenhouse […]
The market for temperature-controlled transportation has grown substantially in the last few years. And cold chain logistics is projected to grow even more to $647.47 billion by 2028.  Cold chain has grown this much because of the benefits it offers for certain products as it maintains a temperature range throughout the shipping process, making it […]
The truckload market in the U.S. can best be described as fragmented, massive, and constantly changing. With low barriers to entry, this is an industry with many companies. While the industry generates over $875 billion in annual gross revenue, truckload rates, and carrier capacity are rarely aligned, which can make it difficult to navigate. The […]