Supply Chain Visibility Increases Efficiency | Red Arrow Logistics
Supply Chain Visibility Increases Efficiency | Red Arrow Logistics

Supply chain visibility is essential to a business’s success, especially in today’s volatile and unpredictable market. The benefits of supply chain visibility are numerous. One of the most important benefits is that supply chain visibility affects risk management as every item is tracked along the supply chain. Another benefit is that the technology used provides valuable insight for strategic decisions based on real-time information. 

However, not all companies are realizing the benefits of complete transparency. A Supply Chain Drive survey in 2017 found that only 6% of companies surveyed had achieved full supply chain visibility. While this percentage may have increased in the last few years as more companies have made transparency a priority, there is still a long way to go to having complete visibility among the majority of companies.  

What is Supply Chain Visibility?

Supply chain visibility is the process of tracking a product from its first shipment to the final delivery destination. Complete visibility is defined as everyone that is involved has complete access to data as the product moves throughout the supply chain.  Software platforms allow users to access the information in real-time. 

Supply chain visibility uses management technology to derive data about logistics and supply chain operations. That data is then used to manage inventory, avoid bottlenecks and other delivery issues, and meet metrics surrounding delivery. The goal is to collect information about supply chain operations, reduce risk, and increase efficiency and profits.

Supplier Collaboration Increases Efficiencies

It is becoming more common for companies to engage in supplier discovery activity to increase transparency. This will bring more focus not only at the Tier 1 supplier level but also to Tier 2 and 3, as well as to upstream suppliers.  The more information an organization can gain from the supplier, the greater the transparency down the supply chain. 

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Benefits of Supply Chain Visibility

There are many advantages for companies that focus on supply chain visibility. 

  • Positive Bottom Line. Visibility transforms a business with data and analytics which results in a positive increase to the overall bottom line as the business becomes more efficient and productive.
  • Reduced Costs. Supply chain visibility leads to less disruptive costs such as customer service and delivery options. Those cost savings might be used to increase pay wages within an organization, which in turn increases the trust within the company or brand.
  • Enhanced Operations. Businesses are able to strategize more effectively when there is transparency. An organization that tracks an item from manufacturing through final delivery or beyond (reverse logistics) will find a greater amount of information that can be used later on. 
  • Increased Customer Trust. Customers are more satisfied with a purchase when there is transparency in the buying process. A business with visibility is able to modify delivery options based on what is working for the customer and what is not. When consumers trust a business, they are more likely to return for repeat purchases.  

Increasing Supply Chain Visibility

Different supply chains require different software automation. The first step in achieving visibility is to choose the modules that will be needed. Most companies need capability in inventory control, customer demand, and warehouse management. Technology can be used to eliminate manual processes or those that are inefficient. The insights gained from the technology can help managers make better-informed decisions when it comes to material sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping. 

The future of supply chain visibility is necessary to mitigate risk.  Automation within the supply chain can increase quotations, orders, and route optimization. When a supply chain has real-time transparency, delays are reduced, efficiencies are gained, and a company can enjoy significant benefits. 

Red Arrow Logistics can help businesses manage their supply chain with precision and efficiency even with all the challenges that they face. We provide real-time information that gives you advantages such as inventory predictability, meeting customer expectations, and reducing fines that can be realized with our technology.  Digitalization and complete supply chain transparency will increase customer satisfaction by providing the level of service they need to navigate market volatility, and simultaneously increase the bottom line.

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