All Greater China Offices and Export CFS Near Normal Levels
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All Greater China offices and export CFS have operated to near-normal levels for the first time since the Chinese New Year (except for Wuhan). Some continue to operate with local restrictions of on-site personnel and require additional work shifts.

PRC Government continues to promote the resumption of production in factories across the country. While some provinces and cities are still taking a cautious approach and maintain restrictions on the number of on-site personnel permitted, employees are being provided with greater flexibility for intra-city and intra-province travel without restriction. More and more roads continue to be re-opened. Many factories continue to increase production capacity.

According to the latest in-house survey of 6,508 suppliers across the country which have re-opened, 60% have now resumed full production capacity (up from 44% last week), still varying significantly by region. Relatively more factories in Jiangsu (94% in Nanjing), Guangdong (83% in Guangzhou; 44% in Shenzhen) have re-opened, compared with fewest factories in Fujian (26% in Fuzhou; 33% in Xiamen).

Based on feedback from factories, the number of factory workers available for duty is increasing steadily. Other supply chain challenges continue, including upstream supply delays, road transportation bottlenecks and variances in local governments with regards to road regulation, truck driver requirements, etc. As a result, export production resumption is expected to still fall significantly short of 100% during this coming week.

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