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On December 18, the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate will go into effect nationwide, forcing truckers to account for their hours of service with unprecedented rigor. That start date is only weeks away, yet many in the industry seem to be in a state of denial about the realities of ELD implementation. There are concerning […]
No single issue is poised to disrupt logistics like the coming driverless truck revolution. It’s been on the horizon for years, and yet the trucking industry is only just beginning to consider the ethical, legal, and moral implications of automation. Now trucking stands on the brink of a new era, as the first wave of […]
Across the country, union pension funds are going bankrupt, leaving thousands of retiring truckers wondering what is to become of their hard-earned benefits. The Pension Rights Center reports that roughly one million Americans are covered by funds on the verge of insolvency, and unions in Cleveland, Illinois, and New York have already been forced to […]
Shippers, carriers, and logistics professionals are all watching closely as trade delegations from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico enter the second of seven rounds of negotiations to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Unfortunately for observers, uncertainty abounds as to what “NAFTA 2.0” will entail. President Trump’s opposition to NAFTA was a cornerstone […]
Dedicated trucking’s popularity is on the rise, as both shippers and carriers embrace it as a way to guarantee capacity and escape the volatility that has engulfed the industry as a whole. According to A.C. Kearney’s 2017 State of Logistics Report (subtitled “Accelerating into Uncertainty”), spending on dedicated and private fleets has risen 0.7 percent […]
National spot rate averages have been on a slow and steady climb through the beginning of 2017, and analysts predict further gains as the year continues. The spot rate increases come in response to both a relatively robust economy and tightening capacity in the face of the truck driver shortage. Shippers and carriers alike are […]
The American trucking industry is in a period of upheaval, contending with a rising wave of consolidation, the impending ELD mandate, and the promise of driver automation on the horizon. In addition to these new issues, trucking is also facing a perennial problem: a serious driver shortage. The American Trucking Association estimates that at present, […]
Earlier last month, Phoenix-based trucking firms Knight Transportation and Swift Transportation caught the industry by surprise when they announced their merger, which will make them one of the largest trucking companies in North America. The merger has been hailed as a positive move for both companies, but some observers see it as a herald of […]
The trucking industry is preparing to adjust to the federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, which is set to take effect in December 2017. The controversial rule requires nearly all truckers to install an ELD to log their hours of service (HOS)and replace the paper logs that have been in use for decades. An ELD […]
In recent months, much has been written about the so-called “Uberization” of trucking, but the concept remains poorly understood. That’s because when people refer to “Uberization,” they’re really talking about two separate phenomena, each with distinct possibilities for the trucking and brokerage industries. The first phenomenon is the development of Uber-like technology (frequently smartphone apps) […]