Cargo Insurance

There are many risks associated with doing business in the global marketplace, that’s why appropriate levels of cargo insurance are necessary to manage the risk involved in trade and transportation.

Red Arrow Logistics works closely with underwriters to provide flexible, customizable global cargo insurance programs. Whether you chose our broadest “all-risk” coverage or a tailored insurance policy built to suit individual shipments. With air, ocean, and truck insurance, you get the peace of mind knowing that, in an unfortunate event, your investment is fully protected.

Three facts you should know about Cargo insurance:

  • Carriers are not liable for loss or damage to your cargo caused by natural disasters, you are.

You can't predict when nature will strike. But you can protect your goods with cargo insurance.

  • Your buyer's or supplier's insurance is not enough.

It's risky to rely on someone else's insurance, most carry minimal and a very narrow form of cargo insurance. Purchasing your own policy puts you in control of the coverage options.

  • Stolen or mishandled cargo is your responsibility.

Carriers can limit their liability according to tariffs or terms and conditions on the back of the bills of lading. If your cargo is stolen or damaged in transit, your settlement may not cover your replacement costs.

“Insurance exists for a reason- things go wrong and you need proper insurance coverage to protect the goods being shipped.” -Liz Lasater, CEO, Red Arrow Logistics

Peace of Mind

Every year we insure millions of dollars’ worth of cargo. This gives us tremendous buying power and more favorable pricing than most shippers can command on their own. We offer a broad range of insurance programs, including all-risk coverage for ocean, air, ground, and warehousing.


Many companies who ship freight make costly mistakes when handling freight claims. There is a specific process that must be followed to ensure that the carrier involved pays the freight claim. Improper handling of freight claims can be very expensive, time consuming and frustrating. The more knowledgeable you are about the ins and outs of the claims process, the better equipped you will be to resolve the matter.  Tips to consider.  Take immediate action and document the damage on the bill of lading.  Never discard damaged cargo.  The carrier has a right to inspect the damage and in most cases the right to salvage.  Be sure to file your claim right away.  Please click the link below to download the Standard Claim Form.  If you need assistance with a damage or loss claim, please feel free to contact us.

Standard Claim Form

CEO of Red Arrow

S. Kling, President, UAM

“The Red Arrow team personally called our shipping professionals to check up on our account and to recommend new capabilities that Red Arrow Logistics possess that can help improve our shipping program.”

S. Kling, President, UAM

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